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The Marine Aquarium



Protein Skimmer   
Gravel Siphon
Quality Fish Food
"Aquarium Only" Bucket   
Test Kits
Suitable Lighting
Live Rock



Setting up your Tank   

1.   Rinse tank, powerheads/filter, heater & skimmer under the tap. Rinse substrate under the tap until the water runs clear.
2.   Place tank on its stand or a base that will comfortably hold its weight when full. If the glass is flat against the surface, a piece of Styrofoam is recommended to sit underneath.
3.   Install the powerheads/filter, heater, skimmer and thermometer according to the manufacturer's instructions. If using a heater, set to 24°C.
4.   Place rinsed substrate onto bottom of the tank.
5.   Add saltwater! If using tap water with packaged salt, make sure you use a high quality water conditioner to remove chlorine and chloramines. You can purchase saltwater, ready to use, from Pet Magic!
6.   Turn on all your equipment.  Wait 48hrs, then check salinity, temperature, KH and pH.
7.   Purchase your live rock! You will need 1kg live rock for every 10L of aquarium water. Arrange the rocks in your tank so that the water flows easily to all areas of the tank and your fish will have adequate hiding places.
8.   Wait 4-6wks before adding any fish. The live rock will begin your tank's first nitrogen cycle. 

After 4 weeks, bring in 100mL of your aquarium water to Pet Magic for testing. Once your ammonia & Nitrite are 0ppm you can begin to add more fish. Remember, not all fish can live together – especially in small tanks (less than 100L). Ask the friendly staff at Pet Magic for information on compatibility of different species.





Your marine tank needs an alkaline pH of about 8.3. You also need to make sure your KH does not fall below 8.  You may need to use a buffer to stabilise your tank's pH and KH.






Most marine fish and shrimps will accept either a pellet/flake food or a mix of defrosted brine shrimp and mysis shrimp. Make sure you ask staff at Pet Magic what a suitable diet for your fish is.





Water Changes

Your tank needs to be cleaned once every week. The following procedure is recommended:
1. Assign a new bucket (and write "fish only" on it) for your water changes. Use your gravel siphon to clean through the gravel lifting some of the detritus out. Remove 20% of the total water volume and dispose of this water.
2. Fill up the tank using either saltwater from Pet Magic or using packaged salt and tap water (with water conditioner) prepared to the manufacturer's instructions.





Equipment Care

Protein skimmers will need to be emptied every week. If you are using a filter with media inside, you will need to clean the media in tank water every few weeks. Never clean the filter media under the tap! Make sure you read the instruction booklets that come with your equipment for full maintenance requirements.





Water Testing

It is highly recommended that you have a few test kits at home to check your water parameters regularly. The most useful are KH, pH and Nitrate. You can get your water tested for free at Pet Magic. Please bring us 100mL of your tank water to test.  





Hints & Tips

Don't spray any aerosols near your tank, including insect sprays and air fresheners.
Make sure your 'Aquarium Only' bucket never comes in contact with any household chemicals.
Enjoy your purchase and do not hesitate to consult the friendly staff at Pet Magic should you have any queries.