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The Tropical Aquarium


Pet Checklist   

Tank with Lid
Water Conditioner
Aquarium Only Bucket   
Gravel Siphon
Quality Fish Food
Test Kits

Setting up your Tank

1.   Rinse tank, filter, heater, ornaments and plants under the tap. Rinse gravel under the tap until the water runs clear.
2.   Place tank on its stand or a base that will comfortably hold its weight when full. If the glass is flat against the surface, a piece of Styrofoam is recommended to sit underneath.
3.   Install the filter, heater (set to 25°C) and thermometer according to the manufacturer's instructions.
4.   Place rinsed gravel onto bottom of the tank and arrange any ornaments and plastic plants.
5.   Add water! Dose Water Conditioner according to the instructions on the bottle for the entire volume of the tank.
6.   Turn on the filter and heater. Put lid on tank.
7.   Wait 72hrs before adding any fish.

Your First Fish

The first fish you add should be very hardy. Remember, not all fish can live together. Ask the friendly staff at Pet Magic for suitable species. After you add your first fish you need to wait 4-6 weeks before adding any more fish.



After 4 weeks, bring in 100mL of your aquarium water to Pet Magic for testing. Once your ammonia & Nitrite are 0ppm you can begin to add more fish. 



Ideal temperature for most tropical fish is 22-26°C.


Tropical fish pH tolerance varies. Ask the friendly staff at Pet Magic about conditions for different tropical fish.

Water Changes

The tank needs to be cleaned once every week. The following procedure is recommended:
1. Assign a new bucket (and write "fish only" on it) for your water changes. Use your gravel siphon to clean through the gravel lifting some of the detritus out. Remove 20% of the total water volume and dispose of this water.
2. Fill up the tank using tap water and add enough water conditioner to dose the amount of water being added.

Filter Maintenance

Every three months, the filter media should be cleaned when you are doing your water change. Never clean the filter media under the tap! Use the water you remove from the aquarium to clean the filter media. 

Hints & Tips

Don't spray any aerosols near your tank, including insect sprays and air fresheners.
Make sure your 'Aquarium Only' bucket never comes in contact with any household chemicals.
Enjoy your purchase and do not hesitate to consult with us if you have any queries.