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Magnificent Tree Frog (Litoria splendida)



Species Background

Licence - Category 3

NOTE: Magnificent Green Trre Frogs are now category 2. (30/3/2016).

Lifespan - 20 years



An arboreal style enclosure measuring 60cms long, 60cms wide and 90cms high is suitable for three individuals. Alternatively a longer and shorter enclosure can be utilised for a semi-aquatic vivarium.


Lighting and heating

This species is restricted to subtropical regions, where they inhabit warm, humid habits such as caves and rocky escarpments. Heating can be supplied in a number of ways depending on vivarium design i.e. globes, mats or cords. A temperatures gradient ranging from 25°C to 30°C degrees is recommended. This species requires UV lighting; a UV-B globe or tube should be positioned so that they can attain a sufficient amount of UV-B.



Branches should be positioned within a vivarium so that frogs can access the heat source and UV light.


Food (In captivity)

Magnificent tree frogs are primarily insectivores, feeding on wood roaches, crickets and mealworms (sparely).  Adults can occasionally be offered small mice (dead). Insects should be dusted with calcium and vitamin powder to maintain healthy bones and condition.


  • Vivarium
  • UV-A/UV-B lighting
  • Heat source
  • Thermometer
  • Thermostat
  • Substrate or artificial grass/carpet
  • Branches
  • Water bowls
  • Spray bottle
  • Calcium and vitamin supplements

Please note the information provided above is a species background, NOT A CARE SHEET. We recommend adequate background reading and research to be undertaken prior to purchasing this species. See recommended books below.

Recommended Books

A Guide to Australian Frogs in Captivity. 2012 by Dr Scott Eipper

Keeping Frogs. 2005 by Mark Davidson.

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Magnificent Tree Frogs (captive bred)

Age: Sub Adult

Sex: Males and Females

Date purchased: 2017

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