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Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs can be long lived pets of up to 10 years old when looked after and all their conditions are met.


A glass or plastic tank with adequate space is great for your hermit crabs. A tank with a lid is a must to prevent escapees, which happens more often than you may think. Allow enough space for bowls, decorations and for your crabs to dig in the sand. An overcrowded tank may cause the crabs to fight and even eat each other so as a general rule the more room and the taller your tank is, the happier your hermit crabs will be! Remember hen selecting your tank and its decorations that hermit crabs LOVE to climb.

Winter Time

Hermit crabs are from the tropics and don't tolerate prolonged chills. A heat mat under half of the tank will allow a warm place for the crabs to bury. Being placed on on only half of the tank allows your hermit crabs to shuffle from cool to warm as needed.

Because hermit crabs are from the tropics, humidity is also important. A mist from a spray bottle and a sea sponge in their fresh water will increase and maintain humidity within the tank.


There are many ways to decorate your tank keeping in mind that your hermit crab is a climber. A coconut hut is good for extra insulation and as a secure place for your hermit crabs to retreat to when they need to feel safe. Coloured sand is available and look great as a splash of colour in your tank.

Spare shells are not only decorative, but are important for your hermit crabs growth. It is a good idea to have two spare shells constantly available per crab. A new shell generally needs to be ¼ larger than the shell your hermit crab is currently occupying.


The best flooring for your hermit crabs tank is sand. It is natural and allows the hermit crabs to bury themselves to keep warm. Generally your hermit crab should be able to cover their entire shell when buried.  

It is important to clean your tank once as week to prevent odours and provide clean sand for your hermit crabs.  The damp sand becomes polluted with ammonia from your hermit crabs waste and this can kill your hermit crab.


There are numerous brands of hermit crab food available and Pet Magic sell a balanced mix containing a large variety of food stuff. Food should be available all the times, with treats offered regularly. Some yummy treats for your hermit crab include pears, strawberry, apple, mango, watermelon, cooked fish, cooked chicken, coconut, kiwi fruit, grapes and just about anything.  Try different food to see what works for you and your hermit crab.

Fresh water is essential, along with a separate source of salt water. Hermit crabs only drink fresh water but they use salt water as a way of keeping clean.  Salt water baths should be available twice a week.